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CODE 672
BeeVital HiveClean - packed 10 pieces
BeeVital HiveClean is also available in this packing, as sachets of 15 ml. Advantages:
-precise dosing of treatment, a stick containing 15 ml, the amount recommended for one application
-when tearing the end of the stick an optimal opening is formed so that a liquid jet is which enables effective application
-easy to wear in your pocket, always at hand, at optimal temperature in cold climate as wearing it in your pocket insure a temperature close to the one of the human body
-ideal solution for the small beekeeper or for those who want to test the product
-along with BeeVital control paper, a simple to use but valuable way to determine the degree of infestation of any colony
Price (VAT 20% included): 30.00 RON
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CODE 670
BeeVital HiveClean - 500 ml bottle
BeeVital HiveClean is a modern and effective mean to control Varroa infestation, its effectiveness and its great advantages in use being supported by prestigious specialists in the field and demonstrated by several scientific experiments. Compatible with organic beekeeping. Enabling hygiene instinct of the bee families, BeeVital HiveClean help maintaining the hygiene and health of bees and Varroa population will be reduced to a minimum. For details visit the web site of BeeVital HiveClean. BeeVital HiveClean is confirmed for use in organic beekeeping (see document)
Price (VAT 20% included): 125.00 RON
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CODE 668
Varrojet is an electric device for performing treatments by fumigation against the Varroa mite in the bee colonies, using Amitraz as an active substance. Varrojet consists of a small fan, powered by 2 electric batteries (size AA), that ventilates intensely the paper wick impregnated with the treatment substance. After placing the impregnated wick on the grill of the device and igniting it, the exhaust pipe of the Varrojet will be inserted into the hive through its entrance. The fan produces an air flow that carries the fumes containing the treatment vapours into the hive. Please note that the paper wicks burn better when dry. For this reason it is strongly recommended to prepare the wicks by impregnation with the liquid of treatment enough time in advance of the application in order to allow their complete drying. Using only dry wicks improves the functioning conditions of the device, insures the efficacy of the treatment and extends the life span of the Varrojet. In the case of meshed bottom boards the mesh must be screened by the tray gliding under the mesh during treatment and at least for the next 10 minutes. Varrojet improves the quality of the fumigation treatments for controlling the Varroa mite infestation, protects the beekeeper of the poisonous fumes containing amitraz and shortens considerably the duration of the application. For example, two beekeepers with two devices can perform the treatment of 120 beehives in 30 minutes.
Price (VAT 20% included): 139.16 RON
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CODE 400
Pollen trap
Our pollen trap may be used for almost any kind of bee hive. Its dimensions fit on any kind of classical hive entrance and its connection to the hive is very simple requiring a hook installed on the front wall of the brood box. The bees enter the hive by walking on a metallic mesh that connects the pollen trap to the landing board of the hive. The features of the active plate for our pollen trap are described at item 677. The active plate may be flipped forwards for completely opening the entrance in the period when no pollen collection is desired. The pollen collected from the bees falls through a metallic mesh into a wooden drawer, large enough to collect about 300 g of pollen. It is provided with a stainless steel bottom mesh for a good ventilation of the pollen, diminishing the risk of funguses contamination due to its high moisture content. Two simple drone escapes are placed on the sides of the trap.
Price (VAT 20% included): 76.78 RON
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CODE 331
Zinc Coated wire, thickness 0.45 mm, 500 g reel.
The wire thickness is optimal for wiring of frames, galvanizing is of good quality and completed with a wax coating. The coil is done in a manner that allows effortless pulling of wire without any risk of getting entangled.
Price (VAT 20% included): 16.30 RON
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CODE 311
Special galvanized steel corner piece
This piece is designed to protect the wood of the nest box when opening the hive by repeatedly inserting the hive tool between the two boxes.
Price (VAT 20% included): 2.01 RON
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CODE 253
Mating nuke with 4 transparent boxes
This economic mating nuke is made out of a wooden box provided with 4 removable mating boxes. Each mating box shelters about 150 g of bees and has 2 sliding transparent walls permitting easy monitoring of the state of the queen and the brood inside. Each mating box has a hole in its bottom allowing communication with the exterior through a horizontal channel carved in the bottom of the wooden box, each leading to a different outer wall. The polystyrene foam padding of the wooden walls of the main box insulate the 4 mating boxes during periods of low temperature. This system of mating queens has the advantage of requiring a remarkable low quantity of bees/mated queen but needs special care in the early season due to the risk of chilled brood.Overall dimensions are 325 x 205 x 283mm and the weight is 4.800 kg.
Price (VAT 20% included): 110.36 RON
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CODE 177
Trousers, size Junior S
Convenient pockets for the beekeeper.
Fabric: Cotton 100%, 200 g/m²
Best fit for child 3-5 years old
Price (VAT 20% included): 39.81 RON
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CODE 176
Trousers, size Junior M
Convenient pockets for the beekeeper.
Fabric: Cotton 100%, 200 g/m²
Best fit for child 5-7 years old
Price (VAT 20% included): 39.81 RON
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CODE 175
Trousers, size Junior L
Convenient pockets for the beekeeper.
Fabric: Cotton 100%, 200 g/m²
Best fit for child 7-10 years old
Price (VAT 20% included): 39.81 RON
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